Are you looking to make some extra cash and join 198 other people are enjoying the benefits of our Affiliate Program

We Love Our Affiliates and here is why:

1. “Repeat sales” is what we do best!
Our customers love our directory and memberships and they love the products and service we offer. We are always coming up with new products to help our user base which means Repeat Sales for you!

2. We track for the lifetime
We use a professional affiliate system for ongoing tracking of what the customer does, so you always get paid for the life of your account.

3. We love recurring revenue
We offer yearly memberships but most of our plans are geared towards an ongoing monthly. These means its affordable for the customer but awesome for you as it’s a regular payment

4. We pay monthly…. yes really!
As one of our loyal affiliate, we know cash flow is important, so this means we make sure every month we pay on time all the time!

We do have a fraud clause. This is if there’s anything suspicious your payment maybe held for up to 60 days. Basically if you do the right thing this will never happen

5. Our social media is super active with challenges and giveaways
To really make our business grow well we know we need you to be active with us which is why we love doing challenges and other specials to help you promote our directory.

6. What can you promote
We are always adding new services to the list however right now you can promote the monthly memberships, which includes the Starter and the Pro. We are still adding plenty of services and as these are added you will be the first to know so you can also promote these to your network. There are regular updates on new cool items that will be coming through so its always fresh

7. How to become an affiliate?
That’s simple. Below you just need to fill in the form and we will assess your application and let you know once approved.

8. Can anyone become an affiliate?
Yes providing you meet the following criteria:
1. You have an established business with an audience of people who would love our products.
2. You know what affiliate marketing is and you’ve had some success in it already.
3. You run your business with integrity first, always.

If this sounds like you, then we want you!

9. How much commission do I make?

On all our products and services, we give you a massive 50% commission ongoing! If there’s ever a difference to this, it will be clear in your dashboard.

10. What tools do I get?

Everything you need to be successful!

  • Upon approval you gain access to a detailed dashboard tracking all your sales in real time.
  • We provide you with graphics, banners, social media posts, articles, keywords and more to help you get started quickly.
  • If you feel you need something more all you need to do is drop us a line and we will create it for you!


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