7 Tips: On Avoiding a Bad Experience with Eyelash Extensions

Last Updated 18/03/2020: I really don’t like spreading negativity especially in an industry where this sort of disaster is the minority. There are A LOT of amazing super talented Lash Artists out there so please don’t be discouraged.

BUT, Unfortunately this sort of sh*t is still happening and customers are unknowingly getting their lashes trashed.

Here at The Lash & Brow Directory we are here to help educate the masses on what constitutes unsafe lashes through public awareness.

We don’t want to drag down other eyelash technicians but sweet baby Jesus this has got to STOP and frankly the general public need a better understanding of what to steer clear of. Unfortunately there are rogues in every industry and will be forever.

Please share to create awareness.

Here’s our ‘How To’ guide on identifying the baddies.

1 – Look at the bases of the extensions in pictures of their work. If they looked clumped together with a boat load of glue…they probably are. A good lash artist will have perfect isolation of the natural lashes and minimal use of adhesive as they understand that lashes grow at different rates and sticking them together will rip out neighboring natural lashes possibly causing permanent damage YIKES, you don’t want that. NEXT!

2 – Ever see those lashes you buy at the drugstore that you pop on for the night with a glue like Duo? They can be little fans of lashes or strips, designed to be worn for the night only. THEY ARE NEVER TO BE GLUED ON WITH LASH EXTENSION ADHESIVE. If a lash tech tells you she uses these and they last for weeks. RUN GIRL!

3 – Her sets are crazy long, so long that her clients could fly away. The general rule is you need your extensions to be only 2-3mm longer than your natural lashes to maintain lash health. You may be able to safely go a tad longer as long as your technician uses a lighter lash.

4 – She mentions cutting your lashes…..nuff said AVOID

5 – She advertises that she uses standard classic lashes as volume lashes. No, Nope Nuh Uh. Only very lightweight lashes are to be used in volume or pre made volume.

6 – Her advice is to never get them wet. EEW sorry but eyelash extensions need to be washed every day to remove oils, make up and debris from the lash line or you open your self up to infection, lash mites (eep!) and other conditions.

7 – She doesn’t isolate, hello lash damage..

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Glad I got that off my chest, if you have anything at all to add please comment below we need to stamp this scary sh*t out! Please SHARE