Have you ever found yourself new to an area or simply wanting a new lash or brow service but have no idea where to start looking for businesses?

You scour the internet for hours looking and looking, posting in local sites waiting for responses but you want your brows fleeked like yesterday!

Or maybe you are an existing business and you want to refer a client on?

Guess what – you have come to the right place!


A directory designed by Fiona, an eyelash technician who needed to refer a client to another tech as she was but just did not know where to start looking.

“I wanted to refer a client to another business on the other side of the country as she was moving. But the only way I could do that was to ask in forums. I needed an answer quickly as my client was moving at short notice”.

And then the idea of The Lash & Brow Directory was born.

At The Lash & Brow Directory we support safe business practices and encourage all lash & brow experts to follow ethical business standards, including ongoing education.

We support and encourage those who want to work towards always improving themselves which will result in an increase in industry standards across the board.

We want YOU – the client – to always feel safe and secure when you are getting a lash or brow service and that the service provided is what you paid for. We believe all clients should always be treated with respect and in a professional manner while enjoying the experience of the service they are receiving.

We encourage technicians to respect each other and not to bad mouth another person’s work.  They should always be respectful to their clients and their client’s privacy.

We have created a central database for clients to find any type of lash or brow services that they require – anywhere in the world.  We continue to update, upgrade and add extra features to the directory to improve the experience for both the client and the technician.

These are principles we adopt and expect everyone advertising their services on our directory to do the same.

We hope that finding a lash and brow service has never been easier!

Welcome to The Lash & Brow Directory!