Can you get Eyelash Extensions Wet?

The short answer is yes definitely and we encourage you to be washing them with a professional lash extension cleanser daily.

Unfortunately some artists out there still advise people to stay away from wetting your eyelash extensions at all which is actually gross and can lead to infections and lash mites if dirt, dead skin, oil and make up aren’t cleansed away regularly.

It has also been proven that most glues used for lashes are completely cured within about 5-10 minutes so you should be fine to get your eyelash extensions wet, in fact many lash artists are offering post lash baths after the service. This consists of waiting 5-10mins and then doing a gentle lash cleanse on the lashes and the delicate skin around the eyes. This helps to remove any fumes that can settle onto the skin which may cause irritation, many clients report feeling much more refreshed afterwards and experience less issues. It really is no longer a thing to be waiting 24-48 hours these days with the type of glue we use.

Can you swim in them, YES you can. If it’s fresh water it is perfectly fine, But if you are swimming in salt or chlorinated water (or maybe you cried) its best to rinse the lashes with plain water afterwards to get rid of any residue.

Hope this has helped answer your question “Can you get eyelash extensions wet”.

And if you need a professional Lash Cleanser please see our suppliers page here or message us and we can help you.