Could you Be Liable for Negligence?

Could you be liable for negligence?


A lot of us have come across clients who have had an allergic reaction to eyelash extension adhesive and want to keep getting them and will try anything to keep them (they are addictive!).


So as a loyal lash tech you only want the best for your client and want to help them find a solution. You then offer to use a Sensitive Adhesive or to just try a different brand glue on them, but did you know that if they were to have another reaction and decided to sue you your insurance company may not cover you?


It’s a scary thought but in the eyes of an insurance company, you have knowingly continued to expose them after they have disclosed their allergy and to them it is considered negligence.


This is completely up to your insurance company and we stress you must check with them before trying any new adhesive on your allergic clients.