Do Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Last Updated 18/03/2020. In short yes and no. Not all Lash Artists are equal and not all clients are equal. When I say yes they can damage your natural lashes in some cases it stems from the lash artist either knowingly or unknowingly (due to poor training) doing the incorrect thing or the client not caring for their lashes. And to avoid this we suggest researching long and hard into finding a good lash artist and be prepared to look after them. We can help if you need.

When damage is caused by a Lash Artist it is because of a few reasons, either one or a combination of things will cause the lash damage.

Such things are –

  • not correctly isolating the lashes and allowing stickies. As lashes all grow at different rates if say a baby lash was stuck to the lash that is naturally about to shed you risk it pulling out the baby lash prematurely;
  • Using lengths way too long for the natural lash. Too long a length can really weigh down a natural lash causing it to sag and twist, this can also cause premature lash loss;
  • Using extensions way too thick for the natural lashes, generally a classic lash is to be at similar thickness to the natural lash unless using flat lashes which in some cases are lighter. Using too thick of a lash can also cause premature shedding due to the added weight, continued exposure to overweighted and over extended lashes can lead to traction alopecia if not careful;
  • Using too big of a volume fan for the natural lash, when doing volume correctly there’s a huge mathematical equation you need to be able to know to be able to apply safe fans to your clients lashes (I’m not going into it, hurts my brain), generally speaking for example a standard natural lash can not handle a 3D 0.10 volume fan but many can handle a 3D 0.07;
  • Another reason is they may be using lashes that are not even suitable for long term wear, i.e. clusters!
  • Not giving correct aftercare advice i.e not washing daily with a lash extension safe cleanser

If you are a Lash Artist reading this and are noticing damage to your clients natural lashes it is time to re think what could be happening. Could you be overweighing the lashes? Is your client following strict after care? Could it be that the natural lashes are healthy and strong but their follicles may not be? Time to start reducing sizes, or have the aftercare chat again and reevaulate after the next fill.

Sometimes the problem lies with you, the client. Some causes of lash damage by a client are;

  • Picking and fiddling with your lashes, this will literally pluck them out very easily. Don’t do this, if you can not control the picking you may need to see a Dr about possible trichotillomania. If you have this you are not a candidate for lash extensions.
  • Not washing your lashes. Lashes need to be cleansed every single day. If not and you wear heavy makeup, then that, plus dead skin and oils will create a barrier along the lash line, plus increasing risk of infection and bacteria.
  • You are adamant you must have the longest thickest lashes even though you’ve been advised your natural lashes can not handle the length. Some technicians are not confident enough to turn you away and in the end will give you what you want at the risk of your lashes. Keep on this road and I guarantee your lashes will suffer.

The Bottom Line – Do eyelash extensions damage? THEY DO NOT cause damage to your natural lashes if applied and looked after carefully. If that is followed you can safely wear extensions for years with no damage whatsoever.

And remember if you need help finding a GOOD Lash Artist in your area, simply send us a message and we will see what we can do or have a look here at our verified and insured artists.

Much love

Fi x