The Lash & Brow Directory provides you with a place to showcase your business and connect with your community. Beautiful, simple and easy to use, The Lash & Brow Directory is an easy and friendly place to hook up with your customers.

1. How Do I Claim A Listing

We suggest you search for your business as it is highly likely we already have your details on a listing. Select Search A Listing then use Keywords to add your company name.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to claim your listing:

See how to claim your listing

2. How Do I Add A Listing

First you will need to select what membership type you want and complete the checkout process.  Once completed you will receive 2 emails.  Return to the website and follow the instructions in the video below:

See how to add your listing

3. How Long Until My Listing Appears

Once you have entered your listing details and submitted it for approval it will be live within 24 hours. Upon confirmation, your listing will appear throughout the website and will be searchable by visitors interested in similar places or categories.

See how a claimed listings looks

4. What Happens If My Details Change?

Log back into the directory. You can change your account details and your listing details. Watch the video below on how to complete these steps.

See how to change your details

5. How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on which membership level you want.  You can try a free listing or if you would like You can try the Lash & Brow Directory for free – just create a free listing.

Check out our membership packages

6. How Do I Change My Password?

Changing your password is easy but you will need to log into the dashboard area.  Watch the video below.

See how to change your password

7. How Do I Upgrade My Membership?

If you would like to upgrade from the Free Membership to the Business Essentials Membership simply use this link to add this package to your membership.

Upgrade my membership 

8. What Happens If I Forget My Password

Select login from the home page menu and select “Lost Your Password” from the login dialogue box.  You will be emailed details to reset your password.

9. How Do I Become Part Of The Community?

We suggest as soon as you sign up you join our Facebook Group – The Lash & Brow Life.  A link for the group can be found in your welcome email or else from the membership site.

10. How Do I Access The Membership Site?

Soon after registering with us you will be sent an email with your login details for the membership site.  You will only be provided access to the material that is relevant to your membership level.  If you cannot find your email please send us a message to

11. How Do I Get Access to Discounted Insurance?*

 We have teamed up with Bizcover to offer you some great discounted insurance packages designed specifically for the lash & brow industry and only available to our members.  Use this link to check out the packages and contact the team at Bizcover. (This is only available in Australia – coming to other countries soon)

*we have to stress that The Lash & Brow Directory is not offering you insurance and that as a member of the Lash & Brow Directory does not mean you are automatically insured.  This is an agreement between you and BizCover and all insurance issues need to be dealt with by them.

121. How Do I Set Up My Booking System?

All details on how to set up the booking system can be found on your exclusive membership site. If you have not received your login details for this site please email us on