How to choose an Eyelash Extensions or Brow training course

How to choose the best lash or brow course

Finding a course for eyelash extensions or various brow treatments can be a daunting task. Hopefully this article will equip you with the knowledge to be able to adequately research your trainer/training to help you make the right decision and avoid wasting money on sub par courses.

  • Look at the trainers’ work they’ve done, do they do good work? Do not rely solely on this for your decision though, there are many amazing artists out there but lack in teaching ability and you may walk away feeling a lack in confidence.
  • Has the trainer undertaken a professional teaching course? Everybody learns in different ways and a good teacher will be able to adapt to different learning styles.
  • Look at their reviews, most importantly from past students and then look at the students’ works and how they are going in business now. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them to see if they enjoyed their training. Reviews from students that have been going at it a while are much more valuable as they are out of the honey moon stage of their excitement for the training and are putting into practice what they’ve learnt and will be realizing if their training has missed anything or not.
  • Is their training registered and approved by a professional industry organization? Training that has been approved by such organizations has usually undergone strict scrutiny and follows much need industry standards. For example the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA)
  • Do they offer ongoing support and mentoring? It’s a big scary world out there when you’ve first completed your training and you may have questions from time to time or you may need extra support to achieve your goals. A good trainer will offer this to you.
  • Are they insured? You need to know that if something goes wrong are you covered as their student. Don’t worry if you feel weird asking, we verify everyone on this site as Certified and Insured. Try here.
  • Lastly if your country (Australia for example) doesn’t require you to have Nationally Recognised training but accepts certificate of completion, don’t assume just because it is nationally recognized that it is good! In Australia it is only a small unit from a beauty course


We hope this article helps you to source good training. Here at the Lash & Brow Directory we have many training companies listed and if you can not find one in your area or need some help with deciding, we are here to help. Drop us an email anytime