Ever wondered what the difference between Mega Volume and Russian Volume?

We explain all your lash & brow terminology and services here.

This process involves applying one synthetic eyelash extension to one single eyelash, creating a natural mascara look.

This type of look involves applying a bouquet or fan of lightweight lashes up to 8D created by the technician per natural lash. This can give a fuller fluffier effect. And is highly customisable as you can add more or less lashes depending on desired result and condition of natural lashes.

This is a quick way to get a lot of volume if you don’t have time for a 4 hour appointment. This process involves applying fans of lightweight lashes per natural lash. The fans are premade and ready to use to save time.

Fans are handmade using very light weight lashes such as 0.03 into larger fans up to 16D (that’s 16 lashes per fan). This creates a very dense, dark look. Depending on the artist these will either be infilled or not recommended to be infilled. Make sure you have plenty of time for an appointment if this is the look you are after as this can take anywhere from 4 to  6 hours.

Everyone is different when it comes to getting their lashes infills completed.  This will depend on what type of lashes you had in the first place, your technician’s application and how often you personally have eyelash shed (this can change over the seasons as well). But it is recommended you re visit your lash artist for an infill/refill every two to three weeks. This is so your artist can remove any outgrown lashes and replace extensions on any that have shed to maintain fullness.

Don’t want the upkeep of eyelash extensions then a lash lift is a great alternative. A lash lift involves the perming natural lashes upwards using rods in various sizes and different solutions. The result lasts for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Eyelashes to light? A dye suited to your eyelashes is applied to the natural lashes, either as a standalone treatment or teamed with a lash lift. After a period of time it is removed, and the lashes are now tinted. Perfectly suited to those with fairer eyelashes.

Sick of plucking and want a longer lasting solution that is quick and clean? Warm or strip wax is applied to areas around the brow and removed to get rid of unwanted hair or to create shape.

A brow tint is similar to a hair colour but specifically made for brows and is applied and removed after a period of time. The tint will colour the brow hairs and last about 4 to 6 weeks.

Brow Henna is a natural based dye that lasts on the hairs for around 6 weeks and can stain the skin, giving a tattoo effect for about 1-2 weeks depending on skin type and after care.  

Looking for a more permanent brow that you don’t need to think about for a while.  This is a brow tattoo that lasts’ approximately 12-18 months depending on your skin type after touch ups. The process uses a blade made up of fine needles to shade or mimic brow hairs and implant ink into the skin. One or more touch ups may be required to get the desired result.

You have heard of ombre hair now there is ombre brows. This technique is generally done with a small fine cosmetic tattoo gun and is lighter at the beginning of the brow and darker towards the tail. One or more touch ups may be required to get the desired result.

This process involves adding fine lines into the brow skin to mimic hairs. It is done with a microblade tool or cosmetic tattoo gun. This may also require one or more touch ups to get the results you desire.

Like the name suggests this technique involves   – is the process of creating fine hair like lines and shading together with microblade tool or cosmetic tattoo machine. 1 or more touch ups may be required.

This technique results in a soft powdery brow tattoo that mimics that look after just powdering your brows. As it is applied with a cosmetic tattoo machine is generally lasts far longer than microblading. 1 or more touch ups may be required.