Mega Volume : The Industries Latest Craze

Last Updated 18/03/2020: The newest technique to hit the industry is Mega Volume! And it’s spreading like wildfire as many women LOVE the powerful dark look it gives. But as with every new technique comes the good and the bad. This article will hopefully explain to you all about how to spot good Mega Volume to help you choose your artist and what to avoid.

First of all, to explain mega volume it’s simply put, Russian Volume but Mega as in bigger, more oomph! They are thicker, fuller and even more dramatic than your standard volume lashes. Think really black fluffy full lashes. But the key difference between your standard Russian Volume is the weight of the synthetic lashes used and the size of the fan i.e up 16D (16 synthetic lashes fanned per eyelash), mega volume typically uses 0.03 and 0.05 – the industry’s lightest lashes on the market. And each fan is specifically calculated using a very technical mathematical equation so as not to be too heavy for the natural lash.

Good Russian and Mega Volume consists of nice fairly evenly spaced fans with clean pointy bases for comfort. I’ve included some pictures for reference kindly supplied by Lashed Beauty in Melbourne. The video below is a set of badly applied mega volume in which the technician has used the new lashes on the market called Easy Fanning Lashes. They are unfortunately notorious for creating big chunky bases (more on this in another blog) that can be very uncomfortable to wear, and when these are applied by non volume trained technicians they can tend to use too big of a fan for the natural lash as they have not learnt the correct mathematical equation to be able to safely apply fan sizes to avoid damage.

Liza from Lashed Beauty had a bad experience recently with them, she said “I’ve seen some terrible mega volume . One ex client came to visit me from Melbourne, dropped in for a quick fill and I was horrified. Her lash tech makes the lashes super full and does a fill in 45 min. When I saw them I realised why. She used those lashes that fan themselves with extremely thick square bases and the lashes were not isolated. My client complained that they were itchy and she ended up with huge gaps. I suggest take them all off and get a lash serum.” See below the set she refers to (This was not done by Liza).

Some things to watch out for when choosing a Mega Volume lash artist are –

  • Nice pointed bases of the fans, no square chunky bases as these will be uncomfortable to wear.
  • Not too long of lashes, it’s still advised to extend by up to only a few mm, anything too long will create added weight.
  • As always with all lashes – good isolation, nothing sticking together.
  • Avoid anyone who claims they can do Mega Volume in a very short amount of time, it is a high level skill and takes time, care and patience to apply.
  • Avoid anyone advertising mega volume that uses thicknesses thicker than 0.03 or 0.05, for example if they use normal volume thickness of 0.07 and plonk a heap on AVOID as this will be way too heavy.
  • Be sure they understand volumetric calulations so they are not adding too big of fans to the natural lashes.

Lindsay Hoffman says  “I always tell clients if they choose to go to another lash artist to please please ask for before and after pictures and ask where they were trained and how they ensure their lashes stay healthy. If a lash artist can easily answer and have a through consultation before that’s a good sign.”

Many artists out there are doing beautiful safe Mega Volume sets and take a great pride in their work, Liza from Lashed Beauty in Yepoon whose beautiful photos we’ve included, says “I spend up to 3hrs on my mega sets and isolation and pointy bases are extremely important to me. I use .03s and .05s and never overload lashes”.

Check out Liza’s beautiful work below

And Bianca Claudia’s work in 7-12 in 0.03 C and D curl 6-12D

And if you need help finding a good Mega Volume lash artist near you, send us a message! We can help. Or search here